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S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S 1 The Art of Local Living CATCHTHE SPIRIT CRAFT DISTILLERIES COME TO SOUTH DENVER WOWYOURKIDS WITHTHESELOCAL BIRTHDAY-PARTYVENUES FITNESS APPAREL GOES HIGH FASHION AND SOYBU IS AT THE HELM SUMMER 2016 OUR COMMUNITY IS IN THE MIDST OF A RENAISSANCEHERES WHY 2 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 The Broadmoor. Its a world unto itself oering a broad range of accommodations activities dining options and more forThe Broadmoor. Its a world unto itself oering a broad range of accommodations activities dining options and more for every taste in a setting of incomparable beauty. Its the perfect place for a vacation getaway or just a weekend retreatevery taste in a setting of incomparable beauty. Its the perfect place for a vacation getaway or just a weekend retreat and because its so close to home it takes very little time to immerse yourself in this world of luxury relaxation adventure and fun. Plan your Broadmoor escape soon. And see how a short drive can make a world of dierence. 8 4 4 . 6 0 2 . 5 0 8 2 B R O A D M O O R . C O M CLOSE TO HOME BUT A WORLD AWAY. S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S 3 A WA R M W ELCOME FOR SU MMER At Celebrity Communities we understand the importance of having a healthy Colorado lifestyle a convenient locationclosetoallthatyouenjoyandawarmandwelcominghomeinwhichtospendqualitytimewithfamily and friends. Weve developed Heritage Hills and Pradera with these values in mind and were sure youll love the results. Whether youre looking for the city-close atmosphere at Heritage Hills in Lone Tree or the coun- try-quietambienceatPraderathesethoughtfullydesignedhomesandstate-of-the-artamenitieswillfarsurpass yourexpectations. InthisissueofSouthDenverLifestylesyoulllearnaboutthecraftdistillerymovementinSouthDenverwhere locals are following their entrepreneurial business dreams and creating award-winning spirits in the process. Weve included a QA with the Product Development Director at Soybu a clothing boutique in Greenwood Villageaboutthelatestfashiontrendsintnessapparel.Wevealsocreatedaguidetotheareasbestvenuesfor childrens birthday parties as well as a roundup of the most exciting development and infrastructure changes coming to South Denver including the expansion of Denvers Light Rail system through Lone Tree. Be sure to check out Home Construction 101 for a rundown of critical considerations every home buyer should under- stand.AndClosetOrganizationwillchangethewayyouthinkabouthowtostoreyourclothes. Thisissueisasatisfyingmixofmanyoftheelementsthatmakeforahappylocallifestyle.Afterallthatsexactly whatyoullndhereandwehopetoseeyousoon.Formoreinformationaboutourcommunitiespleasecallusat The developer of Pradera and Heritage Hills Celebrity Communities has a 50-year history of building some of the Denver regions most coveted and enduring neighborhoods. Our communities stand the test of time thanks to careful planning and execution of every detail ranging from visionary land plans to strong neighborhood associations. Were a locally owned company committed to making distinctive family-friendly neighborhoods that residents can be proud of. HERITAGE HILLS Lone Tree New Luxury Homes from the 900s PRADERA Douglas County New Luxury Homes on Spacious Homesites from the 900s Want to keep receiving South Denver Lifestyles magazine Go to to sign up for a free subscription. New homes in Heritage Hills and Pradera are exclusively marketed by Heritage Marketing LLC. Licensed in the State of Colorado. Equal Housing Opportunity. Warm Regards Dan Verdoorn President Celebrity Communities 4 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 TA BL E OF CON T E N TS S U M M E R 2 016 I S S U E VOL 9 L I F E ST Y L E Local Distilleries.........................6 Fitness Fashion ........................ 10 Kids Birthdays ........................22 Closet Organization .............. 30 Coming Soon to South Denver.......................34 HOM E S Home Construction 101 .........15 Heritage Hills Lone Tree ..... 20 Pradera Douglas County .....28 22 6 28 15 10 PhotosclockwisefromtopCourtesyofSoybuDevilsHeadDistilleryiFLYDenver S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S 5 Lets move the backyard front and center. Upgrade the play set. And use a fresh palette of sky blue greens and fairways. The European Hillside Collection offers six nationally award-winning home plans all tailored to the Colorado lifestyle. Explore two models at Pradera a private golf course community in Parker and four more at Heritage Hills in Lone Tree. CELEBRITYCOMMUNITIES.COM BASE PRICED FROM THE 900S LETS RETHINK THE BACKYARD. Exclusively Marketed by Heritage Marketing LLC. Licensed in the State of Colorado. 6 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 R eady to broaden your horizons from tasting craft beers to exploringcraftspiritsAddingtotheexcitementcreatedby craftbrewerieslocalcraftdistilleriesproducingvodkarum whiskey and other spirits are popping up all over Colorado. Thisrelativelynewtrendwasbegunin2004byStranahans Colorado one of the original craft distilleries in the U.S. and a leader in the production of craft whiskey. As Colorados rst legal distillery since prohibition Stranahans paved the way for the more than 70 craft dis- tilleries now operating in our state. The following four distilleries all locatedinthesouthsideoftownaresomeofourfavorites. INTRODUCING FOUR STANDOUTS IN DENVERS CRAFT DISTILLERY MOVEMENT High spirits Photo pexels.comlifeofpix S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S 7 8 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 Devils Head Distillery 3296 S. Acoma Street Englewood Ryan White 37 ran into an unexpected roadblock when attempting to open a distillery in his hometown of Englewood no distilleries allowed. Its kind of funny but there were these old prohibitionlawsstillonthebooksthathadneverbeenchallengedWhitesays.Ieventuallyfound outthattherearealotofstorieslikemineallacrosstheU.S.wherenooneevenknowstheseordi- nancesexist.TheredtapedelayedWhitesambitionsfor18monthswhileheworkedwiththecity ofEnglewoodtoreviseitslaws. Eventually on Sept. 4 2015 Devils Head Distillery opened for business. The name comes from nearbyDevilsHeadMountainjustwestofCastleRock.Irstgottheideatomakeginwhilehiking Laws Whiskey House 1420 S. Acoma Street Denver at Devils Head 15 years ago White says. There were juni- per bushes gin derives its predominant avor from juni- perberriesallalongthetrail. Currently producing gin vodka and aquavit White hopes to eventually create an entire line of distilled spirits including whiskey. Meanwhile Devils Head Distillery is the first and only producer of aquavit a tradi- tional Scandinavian spirit in Colorado. We wanted to pro- duceaproductrightoutofthe gate that differentiated us White explains. Aquavit is produced in a similar fashion toginjustusingadifferentset of botanicalsthe predomi- nant flavor is caraway seed. His efforts have paid off with notable upscale bars and res- taurants including Justice Snows in Aspen already serv- inghisaquavit. The distillery is open for tastingandtoursonFriday and Saturdayfrom4to11p.m. Denver resident Al Laws had a lofty goal to create a truly great whis- key. He aspired to produce an Americanfour-grainbourbon a complex blend of the four Americanmothergrainscorn wheat rye and barley. And he wantedtosourceeachofthose grainsfromColorado.Ittookhimmonthstogetthereciperightandthenanotherthreeandahalf yearsusing53-gallonAmericanwhiteoakbarrelstoagethisdeliciousspirittoperfection. On Oct. 4 2014 A.D. Laws Four Grain Straight Bourbon hit the market and the Laws Whiskey House tasting room and distillery officially opened its doors to the general public. Whiskey with this level of character can only be made by hand says Laws who spent 23 years in the oil and gas industrybeforelearningthecraftofdistillingfromKentuckyBourbonHallofFamerBillFriel.Our FourGrainStraightBourbonisadifficultwhiskeytomakebuttheLawsteamknowsitsworthit. A.D. Laws Four Grain Straight Bourbon is currently available in 500 locations in the state. In March 2016 the Laws team raised the bar again debuting Bottled in Bond Bourbonthe rst 4-year aged bourbon in Colorado. In May theyll add a wheat whiskey to their product line. By summer Laws and team hope to have nished expanding their offices and warehouse into a second facility. The tasting room and distillery are open and available for tours on Thursday and Friday from 230to7p.m.Saturdayfrom1to530p.m.andSundayfrom2to4p.m.Advancedreservationsare recommendedsignuponline. PhotocourtesyofLawsWhiskeyHouse Laws Whiskey House founder Al Laws S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S 9 Downslope Distilling 6770 S. Dawson Circle Suite 400 Centennial Downslope Distillings founders didnt just want to create exceptional dis- tilled spirits they also wanted to elevate the craft of distill- ing in the state of Colorado. In 2011 they started running two-day workshops called Introduction to Distilling. We noticed a lot of distillers outtherewhowerentmaking very good products explains co-owner and head distiller Mitch Abate 63. The prob- lem with that is liquor stores will have a rack of Colorado Spirits so if theres a bad one itaffectsallofus. The course has become so popular that Downslope cur- rently offers it once a month at a cost of 525 for individu- als or 475 for two or more people from the same group. In addition to covering the art of distillation the course explains the business side of opening a distillery includ- ing zoning and permitting. Limited to 15 participants IntroductiontoDistillingsells out every month. Weve had people from Europe Canada and 40 different states so far Abatesays. Downslope Distillings 15 distilled spirits have won dozens of awards and span the gamut from vodka to gin to rum to whiskey and most recently agave spirits the term tequila is only used for products from very spe- cic regions of Mexico. The tasting room is open and tours are available Friday through Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. PhotocourtesyofBearCreekDistillery Bear Creek Distillerys production oor Bear Creek Distillery 1897 S. Acoma Street Denver JayJohnson44grewupinLakewoodColo.attendingBearCreekHighSchooltheinitialinspira- tionforhisdistillerysname.Fourofthefoundingpartnerswentthereandaftercomingupwitha lotofsubparnamesweagreedonBearCreekDistilleryJohnsonsays.Notonlywasitourschoolbut itsalsoatributaryoftheSouthPlatteRiverandsymbolizestheiconicwildernessinColorado. In2012Johnsonsoldhissharesofthepestcontrolbusinessheownedwithhisfather-in-lawand embarkedonajourneytolearnthedistillationprocesstravelingwithco-founderandheaddistiller JeffreyDickinsonaroundthecountryandthroughoutColoradotomeetwithothersuccessfuldistill- ers.BearCreekDistilleryopeneditsdoorsonNov.82014.Itwasbyblindluckthatweendedupright byLawsWhiskeyHouseandDeclarationBrewingJohnsonsays.Weresohappytobeinthisvibrant partofthecity. CurrentlyBearCreekproducestworumsatraditionalvodkaanda100percentryevodkawhich Johnsondescribesasasmoothdrinkingvodkawithalotofcharacter.Ithasthisgreatspicynose kindoflikearyewhiskeyhesays.Theproductsareavailableatthedistillerystastingroomacozy spacewithreclaimedwoodandsteelanda16-footglassgaragedoorlookingoutontotheproduction oor and in about 150 bars restaurants and liquor stores in the Front Range including Bubbles LiquorWorldinCastleRock. In summer 2016 Bear Creek will debut both a wheat whiskey and a rye whiskey. By the end of theyeartheywillbeginreleasingastraightbourbon.WerereallyexcitedforthatJohnsonadds. Bourbonwillbeourkeystonespirit.Itswhatweallliketodrink. The hours for distillery tours and the tasting room are Thursday and Friday from 5 to 10 p.m. Saturdayfrom2to10p.m.andSundayfromnoonto6p.m. 10 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 THE JULIE CAPRI is the ultimate active fashion bottom made from a soft wispy woven fabric with flattering seams and a drawstring waist. PhotoscourtesyofSoybu S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S 11 Where tness andfashion Collide L ast year The Huffington Post reported that fitness apparel was growing at four times the rate of other clothingspurringhigh-fashionbrandslikeToryBurch and Trina Turk to enter the tness space. At the most recent Fashion Week in New York City athletic looks graced the runway more than ever before. None of this comes as a surprise to residents of the Denver metro area who regularly blur the line between workout clothes and going-out clothes. In fact Denver-basedSoybuhasbeencreatingfashionabletnesswearfor morethanadecade.Westoppedbythecompanysagshipboutique inGreenwoodVillagetospeakwithProductDevelopmentDirector Aleida Junda about the recent infusion of high fashion into tness wearandhowtobestpulloffthelook. QAwith Soybus Product Development Director SDL Have we finally achieved a reality where its acceptable to wear your yoga clothes to brunch nationwide Junda Laughing. Yes were finally there Historicallyfashionhasntbeensoconcerned withfunction.Inotherwordsonepairofpants didntneedtotakeyouthroughanentireday. But thats changed now. So we have yoga leg- gings made of performance fabrics that can sustainaclassbutalsohavethefashiondetail- ing that translates to a stylish pair of pants to wear off the mat. And we have looser flowy tops like long tanks tunics and ponchos that pair beautifully with leggings. Throw one on over your sports bra or tight-fitting tank top afterclassandyourereadytogo. Soybu is best known as a yoga clothing company but weve heard that your best-selling product is a dress Its true. Soybus No. 1 summer style is our Dhara Dress. Its a full-length dress made of stretch modal fabricthis luxurious super- softjerseycottonwithabitofspandex.Ithas an empire waist with braided detailing and a tie-backhaltertopwithashelfbra.Notevery garment we make is something you work out in. Its more about being a piece of cloth- ingthatapersonlivinganactivehealth-and environment-conscious lifestyle needs in theirlife. The key to this dress is that its made of a performance fabric. Not only is it light and sleekandowyandsexyperfectforsummer eveningsonthepatioorastheonedressyou throw in your suitcase for every trip but its also breathable quick-drying and machine washable. It comes in basic black and a variety of feminine prints. Many of our cus- tomers end up buying twoone black and oneprint. What fashion trends are still in play for 2016 and 2017 The layering trend has been very well received and will continue. Get the look by wearingatightshirtortankbeneathaloose andorsheertop.Anditdoesnthavetostop at two layers. You can layer Soybus long lean Arianna Tank over a pair of black leg- gings then top it off with the Wendy Hoody inwhite.Withtheshorterless-ttedhoody over the tight tank you get an illusion that the tank is actually a skirt. Its just really freshandfun. Thumbholes for both gals and guys on long-sleeved shirts is still huge. Weve improved our design so that its not just a THE ARDEN DRESS is sporty and feminine with a attering knee-length silhouette and a color band around the waist that adds further shaping. THE DHARA DRESS is Soybus No. 1 summer style 12 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 verticalslitcutintheseam.Wereusingmore of a diagonal angle which is not only more naturalforyourthumbbutalsodoesntpush openwhenyourenotusingit. Space-dyed knits which are made from yarns colored at uneven intervals are still hot. And the patterns are getting wilder. Just dontwearitfromheadtotoeifyourewear- ingspace-dyedleggingskeeptoasolidontop. Printsaredenitelystillinbutwereseeinga shift away from the really aggressive allover prints to using prints in portions or sections. A good example is Soybus Toni Capri. The print is along the side panels that run the lengthofthelegandonthewaistband. The trend of showing your bra straps which women either love or hateis still the rage. The trick is to make sure they are cute color-coordinated or color-contrasting bra straps.Nudeoresh-tonedbrastrapsarestill gauche. A less aggressive way to try out this trend is to wear a strappy sports bra under a wide-necked andor open-backed shirt designedtoshowitoff. And one of my favorite styles higher waistlines is currently trending and will continue through 2016 and 2017. I say higher because I mean in comparison to the uber-low styles we were seeing for so long. All of Soybus bottoms now sit at the natural waist or just above. Its a much better position in the yoga studio because the pants are less likely to slip down. From an aesthetics perspective a waistband that sits higher tends to atten down everything beneath it so you have a much cleaner line. Any styles that we should be staying away from in 2016 and 2017 Thetrueyogapantwiththearedbottomis ano-no.Wesawalittlebitofaresurgencewith it because the 70s are so hot right now but thatsmoreofaashtrend.Youshouldbeina leggingorastraight-leggedpant.Andnothing superlowonthewaistthatsadatedlook. What new trends are you particularly excited about I love the way slip-on tennis shoes like Vans pair with leggings. And with the high-fash- ioninuencewereseeingreallyfundetailing on leggings. Soybus Interval Tight part of the Spring 2017 line has giant mesh panels downthesideofthelegwithreectivepieces. They look amazinglike a 500 fashion leg- ging.Meshwillbehotoneverythingactually mostly in the form of mesh cutouts. Another fun high-fashion detail for colder months is quilting. We have a couple of pieces with quiltedsectionsaswellasalloverfabricquilt- ingintheFall2016line. Were also stepping into a nostalgia trend. Nostalgia trends in fashion tend to accom- pany uncertain timesin the case of the U.S. itselectionseason.Expecttoseecolorblock- ing thats very 1980s inspired bright colors pairedtogetherandlinesreminiscentofthat timeperiod.InSummer2017wellseealotof 1980ssurfandskatenostalgiasoagainbright color pairings scuba-inspired designs with higher necklines and cutouts and swimming trunk-inspiredcolorblocking. If youre curious to see whats hot in the Denver metro area take a stroll through the Cherry Creek Famers Market on Saturdays. Thatplaceislikeafashionshowofactivelife- stylebrands.Orstopbyouragshipboutique inGreenwoodVillage.Welovetotalkfashion. Thekeytothis dressisthat itsmadeofa performance fabric.Not onlyisitlight andsleekand flowyandsexy ...butitsalso breathable quick-drying andmachine washable. 14 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 Home CONSTRUCTION 101 What you need to know W hen it comes to buying or building a home most of us are understandably attracted to the features we can see from professional-grade kitchens with gas stoves and granite countertops to cozy out- door living spaces that can be enjoyed year-round. But some of a homes most important elements like its structure are not easily seen. Take the time to get acquainted with whats behind a homes walls for peace of mind and practicality. S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S 15 Understand your homes foundation Homes can settle sink or heave lift due to Colorados expanding soils. Building your home on caissons which are drilled into bed- rock instead of on footings which simply rest on top of the soil helps reduce the risk of move- ment. Many builders install a drain system inside the foundation walls which is counterproduc- tive because you dont want moisture inside the foundation in the first place. A better place to put a drainage system is outside of the foundation walls to remove water before it gets in. Use an interior drain system only as a backup. HomeCONSTRUCTION 101 16 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 Just say no to concrete slabs Basement floors can be built on concrete slabs but an alternative practice is to build atop structural wood subfloors. These floors help curb movement provide a superior platform for basement nishes and eliminate the need for oating basement walls. The space created beneath the suboor needs to be properly vented to avoid any moisture buildup. Check that this space in your home is vented all the way across not just from one corner to another so that every part of the area under the subfloor is continuously touched with moving air an important consideration in deterring moisture see diagram on bottom right of next page. Look for evidence that your builder exceeds expectations Building codes mandate standards for how new homes must be built but remember those regulations are just the starting point. Inquiring what extra steps the builder takes to go above and beyond the basic requirements can be very helpful in making your decision. For example builders are required to use nails to connect plywood to the homes exterior but a better practice is to use both nails and glue to secure the connections. And to be comfortable youre staying within your budget look for a high level of finishes as standard otherwise youll be spending a signifi- cant amount of money on upgrades to build the home youre envisioning. Hardwood flooring that is stained and finished on-site commercial grade appliances hand troweled wall texture granite countertops and landscaping can add up quickly if theyre not already included in your base pricing. S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S 17 1 8 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 Pay attention to exterior waterproofing Sealing plywoodOSB from moisture is an essen- tial element in home construction. Wrapping your homes skeleton from bottom to top in two continuous layers of 30-pound felt paper mois- ture barrier before applying stucco stone or brick makes it less likely moisture will penetrate. Similarly caulking windows and penetrations twice during the construction process further reduces the risk of moisture penetration. Celebrity Custom Homes is proud to have been building high-quality homes in the Denver area for more than 60 years. As a locally owned company we value the importance of building homes designed to make the most of Colorado living. We invite you to visit us online at to learn more about what sets us apart. HomeCONSTRUCTION 101 S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S 19 Know your builders warranty policy Even the best-built homes may have some warranty concerns after closing. Whether the items are simply cosmetic or more serious you need to understand your warranty coverage. Will you receive a clearly defined list of whats covered under your homes warranty Can you be comfortable the builder will be responsive to your concerns Is the builder performing his own warranty work or is he farming the work out to a third party How long has the builder been in business Addressing these questions before contracting with the builder will give you peace of mind both during the construction process and after closing. Get savvy about energy efficiency In this day and age theres no excuse for a cold energy-hogging basement. Fully insulating basement foundation walls helps reduce energy costs. In addition having a structural wood subfloor rather than a slab means HVAC ducts are run beneath the basement floor. Using this placement heat warms the basement floor and rises making the space comfortable and energy efficient. Finally remember windows furnaces hot water heaters and air conditioners are all available with high-efficiency ratings. In short your energy bills should go down in your new home not up. 20 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 L I V E H E R E T his is the life. Not just coming home every day to a beautiful family-friendly gated community. But coming home easily. Walking from the nearby light rail station. Or zipping down I-25 or C-470. This is the beauty of Heritage Hills. Being close to the things you need giving you more time for the people you love. Situated near Park Meadows in Lone Tree Colorado Heritage Hills offers your family a thriving close-knit community. Renowned Douglas County schools. Parks playgrounds and two junior Olympic-size pools. And a sweet lifestyle with exceptional shops and restaurants just minutes away. Explore our collection of stunning new homes priced from the 900s. Learn more at Live City-CloseHeritage Hills in Lone Tree S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S 21 L I V E H E R E Party 22 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 S outhDenverisanincredi- blyfamily-friendlyplace. Oneofthemanybenets ofraisingchildrenhereis havingaccesstoavarietyoffun establishmentsforkidsbirthday parties.Thesevenueswillputa smileoneveryonesface childrenandadultsalike. PartyPartyPartyPartyThe South Denver Guideto Kids Birthday Parties S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S 23 yTime Photopexelssnapwiresnaps 24 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S 25 For Little Ones Lollipop Park 6901 S. Peoria Street Centennial 303 761-8701 Colorados only indoor amusement park Lollipop Park has been a family favorite for 34 years. Young children get unlimited rides for 14.95 including the Ferris wheel carouselteacupridegiantswingsthewhip roller racing cars the train the air bounce and more. Bring your own cake and serv- ing utensils and enjoy carnival-style food like pizza hot dogs chicken tenders fries soft pretzels and nachos at the on-site con- cession. Catering is also available with 72 hoursnoticeforsandwichplattersandfruit and vegetable trays. Best for children 8 and younger. For Adventurers iFLY Denver 9230 Park Meadows Drive Lone Tree 303 768-9000 www.iflyworld.comdenver Kids ages 3 to 103 can experience the sen- sation of flight at iFLY Denvers indoor skydiving facility. An expert trainer teaches participants how to fly inside a vertical wind tunnel and stands by to ensure youre usingyourbestsupermanorwomanform. Rent the party room for cake and pizza catering from Anthonys Pizza available andtowatch videosofyouright.Forgroups larger than 10 choose iFLYs party package 606forpersonalinstructionvideofootage and two flights per person. Otherwise its 60perperson. -- -- -- -- PhotocourtesyofiFLYDenver From top Indoor fun at Lollipop Park iFLY Denver S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S 27 For Teens Rockn Jamn 7390 S. Fraser Street Unit E Centennial 303 766-5462 Celebrate your sons or daughters transition into their teenage years with an intro- duction to one of Colorados favorite sportsrock climbing. Rockn Jamn is South Denvers premier indoor climbing facility with more than 80 routes spread out over 8000 square feet of climbing surface. One of the gyms expert instructors will lead a two-hourIntroductiontoClimbingClassforyourgroup.Costincludesgymentryfee climbing shoe rental and harness rental. Rates vary based on group size. Ages 12 and olderonly. -- -- For Sports Fans Miller Activity Complex 1375 W. Plum Creek Parkway Castle Rock 720 733-2233 www.crgov.comMACparties The Miller Activity Complex or MAC located at Philip S. Miller Park is a sports lovers dream. The 64443-square-foot two-story recreational facility contains athleticeldsan18-holegolfsimulatorbat- ting cages a childrens play structure with 23-foot-tallslidea3000-square-foottram- polineparkapoolwithaslideandwhirlpool and two party rooms adjacent to the pool. Birthday parties are built around a theme such as pool and play structure trampoline or bump soccer followed by 90 minutes in the party room balloons tablecloth can- dles plates cups napkins and utensils included bring your own cake. Rates vary bythemestartingat139. For Fun Lovers Sky Zone Parker 9851 S. Parker Road Parker 720 214-2000 www.skyzone.comparker With a birthday party at Sky Zone an indoor trampoline park the skys the limit. Partygoers get an hour of unlimited access to the main jumping area as well as all the specialized sections including Sky Slam whereyouworkonyourtrampoline-assisted dunk Foam Zone where you can launch off the trampolines into a giant vat of foam the trampoline volleyball court and two trampoline dodgeball courts. The party fee ranges from 200 to 525 based on the day of the week and whether you have 10 15 or 20 jumpers. Expect 40 to 60 minutes in one of Sky Zones four party rooms two to four largepizzasfromBlackjackpitchersofsoda party plates napkins utensils goodie bags party invitations and one pair of SkySocks foreachjumper.Bringyourowncake. -- -- -- -- PhotoscourtesySkyZoneParkerandRocknJamn Kids play at Sky Zone Parker climbing at Rockn Jamn 2 8 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 L I V E H E R E N estled in the rolling countryside between Parker and Castle Rock Pradera offers families wide-open vistas with an attitude to match. Life at Pradera is friendly unpretentious and welcoming. Maybe its the inuence of hundreds of acres of beautiful Colorado open space and some of the areas most sought-after luxury homes. Maybe its rounds of golf with neighbors on the private award-winning course. Or maybe its having room for kids to play capture-the-ag on sprawling homesites. Featuring new homes from the 900s on spacious .5- to 1.5-acre homesites many of which back to the golf course or open space. Learn more at Welcome to Pradera S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S 29 L I V E H E R E 30 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 CLOSET ORGANIZATIONA little effort goes a long way S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S 31 32 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 ofshoesaloneRozeksays.Thenorganizeby functionlikeeverydayclothesgymclothes workclothesoutdoorrecreationclothesand pajamas.Becarefulnottofallintothetrapof thinking that just because you have a large closet your organization and storage prob- lems are solved. Bigger doesnt mean more functionalRozeksays.Unlessyouveorga- nizedyourclosetspaceitcanactuallymake ithardertondthings. Thebestwaytoorganizeanyclosetistogo beyond the standard wire shelves and cus- tomizethespacetoyourexactneeds.Rozek meetswitheveryclienttogothroughaward- robeanalysis.Wetalkabouthowtheyhang their pants how many pairs of shoes they have how they like to store their sweaters howtheygetdressedinthemorningRozek says. It gets pretty personal and really thatstheonlywaytodoit. From there she makes recommenda- tionsandeducatesherclientontheavailable options. For example Rozeks experience hasshownthatitsbesttohangpantslength- wisenotfoldedoverwhichiswidermessier andsometimesrequiresironingtogetridof the crease. We have three different lengths of hang she says. The one called medium hang is perfect for pants and also leaves you room for more shelves. For items that dont stack well in drawers like workout clothes Rozek uses baskets on full-exten- sionglideswithremovablewashablecanvas liners inside. Baskets are a really good use of space she says. But a lot of people dont thinkaboutthemforuseintheircloset. Rozek says drawers are still the best practice for socks lingerie pajamas and swimsuits. But dont forget to keep the drawers organized by using dividers which Rozek can customize from very small to very large. Do your man a favor by adding dividers to differentiate his socks by color Rozek advises. At least for the black navy anddarkbrown. One of Rozeks favorite tricks of the trade isafull-lengthmirroronapivotthatattaches to the closet system rather than taking up space on the wall. Ill attach it to the side of theshoeshelfunitsoyoucanslideitoutand swivel it the full 90 degrees to check out the shoes youre trying on with your outt she says.Itsbrilliant. heclosetisadmittedlynotthemostimportantroominthehouse but home design experts know that putting a little foresight into yourbedroomclosetcangoalongway.Withthemodernlifestyle thatcramssomuchintoonedaytimeathomeatworkatschool atthegymrunningerrandswalkingthedoggoingtohappyhour relaxing in bedmost people are using their closet at least three to four times a day says Michelle Rozek the Creative Director of Closet Storage Concepts. And if youre not well-organized you canendupwastingalotoftime. Onebasictenetofclosetorganizationthatappliestoeveryoneistokeepthelaun- dryasclosetotheclosetdooraspossible.Thats10lessstepsthatyouhavetotake every time you put in or take out laundry Rozek says. She also suggests keeping shoesneartheclosetdoorastheyareusuallythelastthingyougrab. Mens and womens sections should be separate and unless he wears suits and ties to work it probably wont be a 50-50 split. Most women have 40 to 50 pairs T PhotocourtesyofClosetStorageConcepts S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S 33 The best way to organize any closet is to go beyond the standard wire shelves and customize the space to your exact needs. 34 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 Top5COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS INTRODUCING PROMENADE AT CASTLE ROCK In November 2015 the first tenants of the million-square-foot Promenade at Castle Rock shopping center opened for business including a variety of fun casual eateries like Tokyo Joes Mod Pizza and Mad Greens as well as sought-after services like Waxing the City and Elements Massage. In fall 2016 several marquee national retail- ers will open their doors including Ulta Beauty and HomeGoods. And thats just the beginning. Also on the way a grocer and a tness center along with 320 upscale apartments a grand hearth and plaza fountains seating and play areas. The 166-acre proj- ect located in the space adjacent to the Outlets at Castle Rock at the convergence of I-25 and Highway 85 aims to be the ultimate neighborhood center. YEAR-ROUND SNOW SPORTS CENTER Philip S. Miller Park is already a leader in adventure sports with 7.4 miles of single-track trails for running and mountain biking a 200-step Challenge Staircase for hard-core endurance training 10 zip lines and the Epic Adventure Tower which includes a 40-foot climbing wall and a 70-foot platform for free falls enabled by state- of-the-art auto-belay devices. And now the 270-acre regional park is about to get even better. In 2015 Castle Rock partnered with P3 Advisors LLC to serve as master developer of the Castle Rock Year-Round Snow Sports Center proposed for 2017. The 25 mil- lion project would create a 107000-square-foot ski slope at Philip S. Miller Park using a leading-edge synthetic snow surface called Snowex. The slope would feature multiple runs with jumps moguls and even a half-pipeall made of a polymer that coupled with a mist production system simulates the slickness of snow. The plan includes a base lodge with a restaurant and bar and a downhill mountain biking course. Life in South Denver just keeps getting better South Denver is growing Public transportation projects and road improvements are currently high priority to better connect our vibrant communities to the greater Denvermetroregion.Andourlocalamenitiesfromrestaurantstoretailtorecreation centersare experiencing a renaissance. Theres never been a better time to live in SouthDenver.Readonfortheveprojectsthathaveusthemostexcited. SOUTHEAST RAIL EXTENSION Denvers Regional Transportation Districts RTD popular light rail system is headed south. The 207-million project is expected to break ground in Lone Tree in spring 2016 extending the 19-mile light rail that follows I-25 from Denver by 2.3 miles to bring it through Lone Tree to a new station at RidgeGate. Currently the light rail terminates at Lincoln Station located on Park Meadows Drive. After the extension is com- plete locals will be able to hop onboard at RidgeGate or two other new stations Lone Tree City Center and Sky Ridge Medical Center. Not only does the project connect South Denver residents with the heart of the city ride the E line to Union Station or the F line to 18th and California in downtown but also with Denver International Airport. Starting in 2019 residents will be able to travel from the RidgeGate sta- tion on the new R Line through Aurora to Peoria Station and connect to the commuter train to DIA. NEW ROADS COMING TO NORTH CENTRAL DOUGLAS COUNTY Plans for new roads coming in the near future will create even quicker access from the Pradera commu- nity to all that South Denver has to offer. Most notably starting in summer 2016 Bayou Gulch Road which currently ends in Pradera will be extended through to Crowfoot Valley Road giving residents a shortcut to Hess Road RidgeGate Parkway and Lincoln Avenue and faster access to both I-25 and E-470. PHASE 2 CONSTRUCTION AT PHILIP S. MILLER PARK Philip S. Miller Park the largest park project in Castle Rocks history wrapped up Phase 1 at the end of 2014 with the highly anticipated opening of the Miller Activity Complex or MAC as locals call it. The 64443-square-foot two-story recreation center fea- tures an indoor aquatics center with four lap lanes two waterslides and a whirlpool batting cages indoor and outdoor sports elds a 3000-square- foot play area with 23-foot tall slide a 5000-square-foot trampoline zone with 16 trampolines meeting rooms and birthday-party facilities. Phase 2 began in spring 2015 and will con- tinue through 2016. Elements of this phase include an events pavilion an outdoor amphitheater a pond and water feature additional parking and a core plaza which will house picnic pavilions restrooms a splash pad and other play features a plaza area and an outdoor replace. S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S 35 36 S O U T H D E N V E R L I F E S T Y L E S S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 The best homes come with their own open space 720.851.9411 Lets say you want a little extra land with your dream home. Not too far away. And with all the perks of a master-planned community. A pool. Parks and trails. Even a golf course. At Pradera many big backyards connect to expansive open space or the private neighborhood golf course. Either way the views are breathtaking. Customize a home to your taste or choose from beautiful homes ready right now. New homes golf and room to breathe from the 900s Exclusively Marketed by Heritage Marketing LLC. Licensed in the State of Colorado.